Adam 'Theosone' Kłodecki

Adam was born in Bialystok (Poland) in 1984. He is a calligrapher, industrial designer and tattoo artist, also interested in illustration and street art. He studied in Poland at the Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk and graduated with a Master of Art degree in product design and visual communication. He was honored with the best graduation project award in industrial design in Europe in 2009. Adam was also active in the polish graffiti scene. He began the adventure with calligraphy in Art Highschool in Suprasl in 1999. His works of art and design are located all over the world. Today Adam is focused on creating lettering tattoos, paintings and traveling with numerous workshops, street art projects and tattoo conventions.

Adam worked for such brands like DC shoes, ESPN ExGames, Lego, Cadillac, Citroen, BMW, Audi, Hennessy and many more. His work is supported by brands like Montana Cans, Royal Talens, Liquitex, Conte, Letraset, Pilot, Grog, Arches, Moleskine and a few more. He is a part of ATAK crew, Goverdose collective, cofounder of Calligraphy Masters – online inspirational magazine and the person behind the idea of Calligraffiti Ambassadors movement.

Adam is also the author of the logotype for Chopin watches and certificates for Chopin clients - each certificate is handwritten with a golden Victorian pen from 1836 and iron gall ink, specially made in London.

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Vincent Corver

Vincent Corver was born in Hague (Holland) in 1980. He is the official BMG Artist and internationally established Pianist, Composer & Producer pre-nominated for the Grammy Awards by the Warner Music Group. His recordings and performances received global, five-star acclaim from The Gramophone Magazine, BBC Music Magazine, The Guardian, The Independent, American Record Guide & others.

His compositions earned him Triple Platinum at the Marcom Film Awards, including one Platinum and two Gold Awards at the AVA Digital Awards. In 2016 Corver became a Native Instruments Inc. Feature Artist, producing various collaborations projects with the Universal Music Group. He works in close relationship with the renowned DJ Paul van Dyk releasing the opening album track “While You Were Gone” and tracks like “Escape Reality Tonight” and "Reprise". His music is currently being performed at all major music festivals around the world, including TomorrowLand, Cream Ibiza, Creamfields, Amnesia, Electric Castle, Ministry of Sound and many others.

As a composing, recording- & performing artist, Corver has had worked with a wide variety of artists & orchestras around the globe. He founded the internationally recognised London Steve Reich Ensemble in 2004, featuring global concert appearances including a world-premiere with the London Royal Ballet, choreographer William Tuckett and principle dancers. In 2006 he performed for Michael Jackson at the piano in London. Working closely with the Qatar Film House in recent years, he composed and produced the music for leading brands such as Vodafone, IBQ, FIFA, Qatar Airways.

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