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New chapter in Chopin Watches history


Starting December 1st 2021 all new Chopin Watches will bear a new logo.

By combining the history of Fryderyk Chopin’s achievements with our passion for watchmaking we constantly develop ours ideas by creating timeless pieces. We carefully work to represent the composer’s heritage, which is universal and admired all over the world.

We decided to create a new logo that refers to the original signature of Fryderyk Chopin in order to highlight the most beautiful and exceptional details that come from his work. When designing and creating watches, we pay special attention to details. We emphasize the subtlety, delicacy, sensitivity, and at the same time, we show the great strength of talent and personality of the legend extraordinaire.

World renowned calligrapher Adam ‘Theosone’ Kłodecki is the author of both the new and previously used logotypes for Chopin watches and certificates.